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The engineering and project management staff at Specifix is experienced
in all phases of GNU tools engineering and maintainence. Examples of our
services are listed here, but we specialize in crafting client specific

New Target Ports

  • New Target Ports
  • Machine descriptions
  • DFA schedulers
  • Optimizations
Optimization and Tuning  
  • Measurement and evaluation of existing GCC target support
  • Industry Standard benchmarks such as Spec2000
  • Custom or vendor supplied benchmarks
Developer Support  
  • Incident Based support
  • Subscriptions
  • Consultation
Rolling Releases  
  • Continuous build and measurment systems to track any tool source tree
    as it changes.
  • Constant monitoring to maintain build integrity and performance properties
Optimization and Tuning  
  • Managing changes in Open Source Software
  • Work is easily contributed back to the appropriate open source projects, whether it is the tools projects or the linux projects.
  • Specifix staff have a long history of contribution to the tools projects as maintainers and authors.
Support for Legacy Tools  
  For building embedded applications. The tools can have a lifetime as long as
the application. In some cases, this can span many years. This can also
lead to several toolchains under support at the same time, and those toolchains may have a variety of sources.
  • Support lifetimes for our releases are not set to a specific
    length of time.
  • Vendor's tools are usually easily accommodated.
  • Local patches are usually easily accommodated.

An Experienced Team
Individual members of the Specifix team have long histories in using the GNU Toolchain in both embedded and native applications.
This expertise and experience also covers supporting users with tool modifications, enhancements, optimizations, and timely bug fixes.
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